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Why You Need A Pro To Maintain Your Business’ Grease Trap

technician cleaning a grease trap

Many business owners are unaware of the importance of keeping their facility’s grease trap in good working order. That is why professional grease trap maintenance is required. Grease traps tend to get clogged with food particles, leading to an overflowing grease trap. This can cause several issues for your business, such as:


One of the most important elements of grease trap maintenance is having it pumped and cleaned regularly. Without them, these traps can become clogged with food particles and debris, which causes them to overflow into the surrounding area.

The Sewage System Backing Up into Your Restaurant

When cooking oil comes into touch with water, it produces significant amounts of hazardous sludge, which can contaminate groundwater and drinking water supplies. Grease traps catch this waste before entering the plumbing system, reducing contamination both outside and within your facility. Have a professional maintain it to avoid this costly and unsanitary problem.

A Fire Hazard Due to Grease Buildup on Your Stove or Fryer

Grease traps are made up of several components connected by pipelines. These pipelines are meant to properly remove grease from the appliances in an effective manner. However, these appliances typically have a heating element, such as a stove or a fryer. If the grease trap is backed up and grease is not properly flowing through the pipes, then the backup can potentially ignite and cause a fire in your facility. For this safety hazard alone, it’s very important to work with a grease trap expert.

A professional grease trap maintenance company will offer you the experience, skills, and equipment necessary to ensure your system stays clean, functional, and properly maintained. This maintenance will greatly reduce the chances of costly and dangerous situations occurring in your business. Contact Affordable Pumping Services today if you need to schedule regular grease trap maintenance.

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