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Advice For New Septic Tank Owners

Advice For New Septic Tank Owners

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If you are the owner of a new septic tank, you must maintain it properly. This requires both professional and personal maintenance.  If you properly maintain and utilize your septic tank, you will significantly reduce the chances of an unforeseen issue. Here is some advice for new septic tank owners.

Have A Professional Clean, Pump, and Inspect Your Tank Regularly

It’s essential to have a professional assist in the maintenance of your septic tank. Regularly scheduled service appointments will ensure everything is working correctly and any problems are addressed quickly. Make sure to schedule cleanings, pumpings, and inspections with a septic tank company and not a general plumber.

Don’t Use Bleach In Your Toilet

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their septic system is using bleach in their toilet bowl. While bleach may be something you can flush into a city sewer system, it can throw off the delicate chemical balance in your septic tank. Instead of using bleach, try using less harsh products like baking soda or vinegar instead.

Check For Leaks Periodically

Make sure you know where your tank is on your property and how to identify leaks. A common cause for leaks is that the tank has settled over time and pipe fittings begin to separate. You may have a leak if you notice puddles of water that don’t appear to be draining or lush green grass around your septic tank. Call a professional who will come and inspect your system for any problems or issues that may cause leaking.

If it is maintained correctly, your septic system has the potential to continue to function effectively for decades. Please do not hesitate to contact Affordable Pumping Services if you have any inquiries or issues. Our team will be more than happy to assist you!

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