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Septic System Inspection for Real Estate Resale

Why should I get a Septic System inspection for real estate resale?

Most mortgage companies require a septic system inspection prior to closing.  Conscientious buyers usually want the septic system inspected to know it’s adequate and working properly since a replacement septic system could costs thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, in some areas, inspections for septic systems are not regulated by any governing authority, therefore anyone can claim to be a  “septic inspector” and perform any kind of septic inspection.

What should you look for in an inspector?

It’s important that you hire a reputable, qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable inspector that does a thorough detailed inspection. Find out what the inspection consists of. In our opinion, a “walk-over” inspection is not recommended because it’s usually not a thorough inspection.

Again, the purpose of an inspection should be to see if the septic system is functionally properly. Ask who is doing the actual inspection of the septic and ask for their credentials.

How Often Should You Get Your Septic System Inspected?

Generally, septic system inspections are recommended every three to five years for most homeowners. However, the ideal frequency can vary depending on several factors:

  • Household size: Larger households with more wastewater will strain the septic system quicker. A family of five might need inspections every two years, whereas a single person might only need them every six to eight years. 
  • Water usage: Homes that use a lot of water, like those with large laundry facilities or pools, may require more frequent inspections due to an increased burden on the system. 
  • Tank size: Smaller septic tanks will fill up faster and may require more frequent inspections compared to larger ones. 
  • System condition: If your septic system has had previous problems or is nearing the end of its lifespan, inspections might be recommended more often to monitor its health closely.

Does your septic system need inspecting? Call Affordable Pumping Services today to get started!


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    We have nearly 30 years of experience working with septic tanks.

What we do during a septic system inspection:

  • Inspect the inside/integrity of the tank. (the tank should be pumped out during inspection)
  • Activate the pump and high water alarm (if applicable).
  • Add water to all disposable fields and measure to make sure fields are taking on water, sufficiently. (i.e. roots, or blomat in field)
  • Inspect ground surface of disposal fields.
  • Check inspection ports in drain fields.
  • Inspect for gray water discharge
  • We give you a written report after the inspection

Affordable Pumping Services is here for all your septic inspection needs. Our qualified and knowledgeable inspectors can help you feel secure in your decision to purchase a new home. 

Contact us at (732) 624-6100 today to set up your septic inspection or for more information!

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