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How A Properly Functioning Drain Field Prevents Damage To Your Home

How A Properly Functioning Drain Field Prevents Damage To Your Home

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Drain fields are an essential part of many septic systems. They regulate how much and where the effluent water drains out of the septic system and into your lawn. However, if yours isn’t working correctly, it can damage your home.

What Is a Drain Field

A drain field is a network of pipes connecting a septic tank to a leach field or absorption area. The lines carry wastewater from the septic system to the earth, where bacteria and other organisms treat it. The effluent must flow freely into the pipes for this procedure to work correctly.

How Does a Drain Field Work Through Its Main Three Components

A typical residential drain field consists of three main components:

  • Septic tank
    • It holds solid waste material until it breaks down into sewage liquid called effluent. It also contains anaerobic bacteria, which break down organic matter into nutrients that plants can use as food sources.
  • Distribution box
    • The distribution box is a buried pipe that connects the septic tank to multiple drain fields on your property. It helps distribute wastewater evenly throughout the drain field, which helps prevent clogging.
  • Drainage field
    • It is where wastewater flows from the septic tank through perforated pipes into the soil.

How a Malfunctioning Drain Field Can Damage Your Home

A malfunctioning drain field will not allow water to freely move out of the septic tank and into the surrounding soil. If this happens, the septic tank will not be able to complete its process and will eventually back up and overflow. A backed-up septic tank can cause a wide range of damage to your home’s pipes, plumbing fixtures, and even the foundation itself.

This damage can be prevented by hiring a professional to repair your drain field. Call us now at 732-532-2114 to speak to a professional in drain field installation.

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