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How Increased Time At Home Or Additional People Can Affect Your Septic Tank

If you are a septic tank owner, then you probably know that the amount of usage your septic tank experiences on a daily basis is important to monitor. An increase in usage will change your pumping and servicing schedule. If you have been spending more time at home or have more people living with you than normal, here are a couple of things that you should keep in mind.

Increased Usage = Increased Waste

It is no surprise that if the system is used more, than there will be more waste. This can happen whether you notice you are at home more often or if more people are now living in your home. When this happens, it will be more difficult to estimate how much sooner you should schedule your next pumping. It is important to keep in touch with a septic system company like Affordable Pumping Services if your system is being utilized more often. They can help you estimate when your next pumping should be based on your previous usage.

Tell Everyone To Be Careful About What They Flush

While you may know all of the rules about what you can and cannot flush, anyone that may have recently moved in might not. Make sure they understand that the only thing, other than waste, that can be flushed is toilet paper. This will help eliminate any second guessing about what items they can flush such as tissues, paper towels, or “flushable” wipes.

If you’re unsure how the change in usage is affecting your septic system, then give us a call! Whether you are a current customer or in need of a septic system company, our pros will be able to help. Our team of experts can closely evaluate your unique situation and provide the best possible pumping schedule for your system.

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