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Importance Of Lift Station Pumping

There are many parts of the septic system that need to be maintained regularly. One part, that not all septic systems have, is known as a “lift station”. Lift stations are used on septic systems that are installed in a property that has uneven land or a raised bed system. In addition, they can be used for homes that are too far from the main sewer line and cannot properly utilize a drain field. If you are not sure if your system does or does not have a lift station, then contact a professional like Affordable Pumping Services to find out.

What A Lift Station Does

A lift station collects waste up until a certain point in the tank. A pump is triggered once the waste reaches this point. Similar to the float in your toilet tank, this tank also has a float to let the pump know that waste needs to be lifted. Once this is done, the waste can be lifted to the drain field or to the main city line depending on your situation. As mentioned earlier, septic tank systems can vary depending on the unique elements of the property it has been installed on.

Why It Needs to Be Pumped

Just like your septic tank, your lift station needs to be pumped as well. Just a septic tank pumping will not do the trick alone. A separate pumping needs to be performed on the lift station. This will ensure that it runs smoothly for as long as possible and there is no residual waste that was not able to be removed by the lift station’s pump.

Whether you do or do not know if you have a lift station in your septic system, give us a call! We can find out if you do have one and help you schedule a pumping if you cannot remember the last time it was serviced.

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