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Does Your Unique Property Need A Holding Tank?

Does Your Unique Property Need A Holding Tank?

If you own a unique property, you may be unsure about what kind of waste management system you need. A holding tank may be a solution, but let’s get into the details before you make a decision. After reading this blog, you’ll be able to answer the question, “Does your unique property need a holding tank?”

What is a Holding Tank?

A holding tank does just what its name suggests. It holds wastewater from bathrooms on your property. Because it is only a holding tank and doesn’t have a system set up to deal with the waste once it hits the tank, it needs to be emptied once it’s reached its capacity. The frequency of pumping will vary, but the average holding tank that gets regular use will need to be pumped monthly. Smaller holding tanks that get frequent use may need to be emptied weekly.

What kind of properties utilize holding tanks?

While they are sometimes used in homes, holding tanks are better suitable for tiny houses, trailers or recreational vehicles like RVs or boats. Holding tanks are not designed for large households or long-term use. However, if you have a temporary spot you’re using for a summer or a short amount of time, a holding tank may work for you.

Should you get a septic system instead?

If your property is going to be used as a permanent residence or a continuous business, you should consider a septic tank over a holding tank. Unlike a holding tank, a septic tank system is designed to treat the wastewater and allow it to seep into the surrounding ground called the drain field. Although a septic tank will need to be pumped about once a year, it is designed for long-term use. A properly maintained septic tank can last for decades.

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