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Common Things Identified During Septic System Inspections

Common Things Identified During Septic System Inspections

Owning a septic system comes with specific responsibilities, such as regular pumping and inspections. If you haven’t had your septic system inspected in over a year, it’s definitely time. So, what can you expect during a septic system inspection? And what kind of things are commonly found? Here are some common things identified during a septic system inspection.

Checking for Regular Pumping

The first thing a septic inspector will look for is the date of the last septic tank pumping. If the date of the last pumping is unknown, the inspector will check the sludge level in the tank and estimate.

Check Sludge Level

Besides regular pumping, the level of sludge in your septic tank can indicate other things as well. If your sludge level is more than ? of your tank’s total volume, this could mean there is a problem with your drainage, and you may need to pump more often.

Make Sure Tank Size is Efficient

The size of the septic tank you need is not dependent on the size of your home. Septic tank size depends on how many bathrooms are in your home and how many people you have living in your household. A septic inspector will ensure the size of your tank is sufficient and make recommendations for updates if needed.

Check for Leaks and Cracks

Your septic tank has riser lids that need to be checked for cracks. Your inspector will also check to make sure no solid waste or wastewater is leaking to the ground surrounding your tank. Since it is not safe to inspect the inside of your tank, the inspector will instead look for signs for cracks or leaks at surface level.

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