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Importance Of Knowing Where Your Septic System Is Located

Importance Of Knowing Where Your Septic System Is Located

Your septic system is complex. When it functions correctly, you have a safe and happy home. When something is wrong with your septic system, it could be disastrous. To keep your septic system functioning correctly, regular maintenance is needed. But how can you maintain your system if you don’t know where it’s located? Let’s go over the importance of knowing where your septic system is located and how to find it.

Keep Your Septic Tank Lid Safe and Clear

To find where your septic tank is located, you’ll need to locate the lid. If you’ve recently purchased a property that is overgrown or unkempt, this could be tricky to do. Never drive a vehicle over land where a septic tank may be. Instead walk carefully over the property, moving overgrown brush out of the way.

Let the Pipes Lead the Way

If you still haven’t located lid indicating the opening to your septic tank, look for the pipes instead. In your basement or crawl space find the 4” sewer pipe that could lead you to your septic tank. Follow the pipe across your lawn by checking every two feet. Your septic tank is required to be at least five feet away from your house, but most are between ten and twenty-five feet away.

Check with Your City Hall

If you still can’t locate your septic system, check with county records. Your city hall should have a record of any permits used to install a septic system on your property.

Once Located, Have It Inspected

If you’ve been searching for your septic system, chances are that it hasn’t been inspected in quite a while. Call Affordable Pumping Services right away for a professional septic inspection. Your tank will need to be pumped, cleaned, and checked for possible damage or repairs. Be sure to ask your septic professional if any upgrades are necessary for your system.

Affordable Pumping Services has got you covered! Call for all your septic system needs or to get on a regular pumping schedule today!

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