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The Different Types Of Septic Systems

Septic system designs vary all over the country. The specific model used for a particular property depends on household size, the type of soil on the property, the slope of the lot, weather conditions, and local regulations, just to name a few. Each different type of septic system requires specific care and maintenance. Here’s a look at some of the different types of septic systems.

Conventional Systems

The most common type of septic system used on most residential properties is a conventional system. This system consists of a septic tank underground on the property, and a drainfield usually made up of gravel or stone. Conventional systems are commonly used for single-family homes or even small businesses. This standard design has been used for homes for several decades and will be for more to come.

Chamber System

Chamber system septic systems are commonly used as an alternative to the conventional system in areas with high groundwater tables or in homes and buildings that are used seasonally. A chamber system consists of connected chambers that are surrounded by soil. Wastewater carried by pipes goes from the septic tank to the chambers and is then treated by microbes in the soil.

Drip Distribution System

In a drip distribution septic system, no large mounds of soil are needed. Drip laterals are inserted in the top layer of soil, only 6 to 12 inches deep. In this type of system, a large dose tank is required along with a septic tank as well as electricity, making it a less popular choice for homeowners.

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