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Pros Of Having Your Pipes Hydro Jetted

Pros Of Having Your Pipes Hydro Jetted

Hydro jetting, or high-pressure jetting, is when a professional plumber uses a high-powered pressure hose to shoot water through your pipes to remove clogs and blockages. But is it better than other methods of unclogging drains? Here are the pros of hydro jetting compared to other methods.

More Effective

Instead of just removing the clog as snaking does, high pressure jetting removes all buildup and debris, thoroughly cleaning the pipe. There will be no leftover residue or particles which can lead to more clogs and further blockages.

Saves Money

Hydro jetting will cost you more than other traditional methods up front, but if your pipes are prone to clogs, jetting may be the only thing that fully solves the problem. Getting your pipes hydro jetted can prevent you from paying for frequent service calls and repairs.

Environmentally Friendly

Hydro jetting does not use any harsh chemicals or toxic materials to clean, just water. Therefore, this cuts down of environmental damage and waste produced.


Using snakes or other methods of unclogging can cause raw sewage particles to enter your home. Hydro jetting is an extremely quick process which is less likely to allow contaminants to enter your home.

Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance in One

Since hydro jetting completely cleans out pipes while unclogging them, it prevents future clogs from forming. This makes it a great choice for new homes or buildings where you may not know the maintenance history. Having your new property hydro jetted will ensure your pipes are safe to use.

Any Size Job

Hydro jetting works for small homes and big commercial buildings alike. Using the high-pressure jetting process will work on any size clog or pipe, including ones that other methods have failed.

Hydro jetting should only be done by the professionals, so if you think it may right for your home, contact Affordable Pumping Services today. We can answer any questions you may have and set up an appointment today.

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