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How Do I Know What Size Septic Tank I Need

How Do I Know What Size Septic Tank I Need

If you’ve decided to purchase a new septic tank system for your home, you may be feeling overwhelmed with all the different options and details to consider. The first thing to figure out before making a purchase is what size system you’ll need. So how do you know what size septic tank you’ll need? Let’s look at the different factors that go into choosing the right size tank for your home.

The Size of Your House

A septic tank is a self-contained residential wastewater unit that is designed with two main components: the tank and the drainage area. The size of your home is a big factor in determining which size tank will work best for you. A 750-gallon tank for 1-2 bedroom homes that are less than 1500 square feet, a 1000 gallon tank for three bedroom homes up to 2500 square feet and 1,250-gallon tank for homes up to 3,500 square feet is a good basic guide to follow when considering tank sizes.

The Number of Bathrooms

The number of bathrooms in your home can alter the size guide above since a smaller house with more than two bathrooms might need a bigger tank. Be sure to consult a professional before deciding on a system for your home.

Number of People

You may own a smaller home but have several people living with you, so this may result in you needing a bigger septic system. Be sure to list detailed information regarding all three factors when purchasing your system, so you’re sure you’re getting the tank size you need.

Building codes also vary by county, so this could affect the size of your system as well. Always be sure to check with your city before planning a new septic system. Consult the professionals at Affordable Pumping Services for any questions about your new septic tank, and to get on a regular pumping schedule.

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