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The Purpose Of An Ejector Pump For A Septic System

The Purpose Of An Ejector Pump For A Septic System

If you’ve recently installed a septic system or moved into a house with one, you may be feeling overwhelmed. There’s a lot of new information to absorb and things to learn. One of the key components of a septic system is its ejector pump. An ejector pump, sometimes called a pump-up ejector system, is used to transport waste materials when the plumbing is below the level of the septic tank, like from a bathroom located in the basement of a home. Let’s take a closer look.

Replaces Gravity

Bathrooms located on the same level or above the septic system rely on gravity to transfer wastewater into the tank. Since bathrooms below the tank cannot do this, they need a little help. This is where an ejector pump comes in. A new ejector pump will cost about $300-$800 to install and will last on average 7-10 years. But with routine maintenance and professional inspections, they’ve been known to last over 20 years.

Not the Same as a Sump Pump

Plumbers are often asked if ejector pumps are the same as sump pumps. The answer is absolutely not. Sump pumps are made to get rid of extra water from rain or floods and use a simple drain pipe to transfer the water back outside. Ejector pumps are made specifically to transfer wastewater and are connected directly to your septic system.

Call a Plumber at the First Sign of Trouble

Because ejector pumps transfer wastewater from your basement bathrooms to your septic system, when they fail it can be extremely inconvenient and unsanitary. If you notice odd sounds coming from your basement bathroom pipes or there is an unpleasant odor, call Affordable Pumping Services right away to have your ejector pump checked.

If you have a basement bathroom, ejector pumps are a vital part of your septic system. Be sure to have them checked regularly and as always, call Affordable Pumping Services to get on a regular pumping schedule.

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