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What Is Gray Water

What Is Gray Water

In the plumbing world, you may have heard the term “gray water.” But what is gray water and what should you know about it? Let’s take a closer look.

Untreated Waste Water

Gray water is the term used to describe untreated wastewater from bathroom sinks, tubs and washing machines. It does not refer to the water coming from toilets or urinals. The water from kitchen sinks is also excluded from the term as well since it tends to contain food particles and grease.

Easily Reused

Since gray water is generally free of chemicals and byproducts, it is easily reused by separating it from other forms of wastewater. It has to be used within 24 hours before any bacteria become present, so it is coarsely filtered to remove any solid particles. It is then reused for bathroom or laundry purposes or irrigation. 

How It’s Captured

Over half of the water used inside your home could be potential gray water. A home constructed within the last ten years generates around 25,000 gallons of usable gray water each year. To make use of this water, separate draining systems are installed as well as temporary storage tanks. Some homeowners choose only to capture gray water from the washing machine since its drain line is not permanently connected and has its own pump.

Local Laws

If you’re considering setting up a gray water system in your home, be sure to consult professionals and check all local state and county ordinances and laws. Some towns prohibit the use of gray water and those that do allow it have strict rules and restrictions. There has been a lot more interest and education in water reuse systems in the last several years, so local laws are continually evolving.

For any questions about gray water or to inquire about setting up your own system, contact Affordable Pumping Services today.

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