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What Is An Effluent Filter?

What Is An Effluent Filter?

To explain what an effluent filter is and their importance, we first need to take a closer look at the septic system itself. A septic tank is a large container buried in the ground that stores and treats wastewater from your home’s bathrooms. The treated water slowly releases into a leach field. An effluent filter is a cylinder-shaped object with slots, on the drain side of your system, that prevents solids from leaving your septic tank and entering your leach field. So, what are the benefits of such a filter?

Cost Effective

An effluent filter is an inexpensive way to save you potentially thousands of dollars in the long run. When large amounts of solids reach the leach field of a septic tank, it can cause clogs. Clogs lead to system failures, which can cost upwards of $25,000 to repair. This doesn’t include the awful inconvenience and headache that comes with a failing septic system or the cost of replacing landscaping, flooring, or any other damaged property.


A failed septic system isn’t just costly and frustrating, it can be potentially harmful to your health and the environment. Bacterium that can potentially cause diseases are leaked into the ground when a septic system fails, potentially harming humans, animals and plants in the surrounding area. A filter will prevent these dangerous bacteria from reaching your leach field.

Low Maintenance

An effluent filter requires little maintenance besides regular cleaning. It will rise or float when it needs to be cleaned, which is about every three to six months. They generally last around 5-10 years but should be replaced if they become cracked or damaged.

Installing an effluent filter is a small step you can take to prolong the life of your septic tank system and prevent any potential costly problems. For any questions about filters or septic tanks, or to get on a regular pumping schedule, contact Affordable Pumping Services today.

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