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The Importance Of Cleaning Your Grease Trap Regularly

Grease traps have been used since the Victorian era to prevent solid fats and oils from entering the sewer system and clogging pipes. They are required for restaurants, school kitchens, hotels, clubs and any establishment where large-scale cooking is done. If you have a grease trap, it’s important to have it professionally cleaned out regularly by Affordable Pumping Services. Here’s why:

Unpleasant Odor

The solid fats and oils that get caught in your grease trap can become rancid over time. This causes a very unpleasant rotten odor that can be noticeable to passers-by and even customers. If you own a restaurant, the last thing you want is a bad smell coming from anywhere near the kitchen. Having your grease trap professionally pumped on a regular basis will prevent any bad odors.

Negative Effects on Plumbing

A clogged grease trap isn’t just a surface problem. It can affect your whole plumbing system. A problem with your trap can cause backed up sinks, toilets and any other piping in your establishment. Although a regular pumping may seem like an unnecessary expense, you could end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to clean up a mess from backed up toilets or even raw sewage, not to mention the money lost from possibly having to temporarily close while your plumbing is repaired. Save yourself the money and headache by having Affordable Pumping Services clean out your grease trap. 

FOG Code Violations

The FOG code refers to the amount of fats, oils and greases that are allowed by your city to enter the sewer and water systems. A dirty grease trap will violate these codes and could cause your business to be fined or even shut down.

So, how often should you have your grease trap cleaned? We recommend having it professionally pumped out once a month. Call Affordable Pumping Services today to get on a regular schedule.

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