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The Benefits Of A Septic Tank Over A Holding Tank

The Benefits Of A Septic Tank Over A Holding Tank

Do you have a septic tank or a holding tank? Which is better? When considering a septic tank system over a holding tank, we first have to look closely at each and how they work.

Holding Tank

A holding tank is a sealed and buried tank that holds wastewater from a home or building that is part of a Holding Tank Septic System (HTSS). These systems are common for smaller properties and homes near shorelines and water. A holding tank needs to be professionally pumped out every 6-8 weeks and does not allow any sewage to seep into the ground surrounding it. The average cost for pumping and hauling away the waste is around $100- $150 and is priced out per gallon of wastewater. If you have an HTSS, be sure to call Affordable Pumping Services to get on a regular schedule.

Septic Tank

A septic tank system is different from a holding tank because it allows wastewater to be stored, treated and released into the ground through a mound or field. The size of the septic tank you need for your home depends on the number of bathrooms in your house. Although septic tanks are designed to be self-functioning, they do need to be pumped out professionally every three to five years to keep them functioning efficiently. Affordable Pumping Services can get you on a regular pumping schedule.

Most homeowners prefer a septic tank system over a holding tank system. The initial cost will be substantially higher, but the savings from pumping monthly and the convenience of maintenance-free wastewater storage are worth the initial investment. If you are having trouble deciding which system is best for your home, contact Affordable Pumping Services. They will be able to answer any questions you may have as well as get you on a regular pumping schedule for your new system.

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