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What You Need To Know About Toilet Paper And Septic Tanks

What You Need To Know About Toilet Paper And Septic Tanks

When you own a septic system, there are certain things you should know. For example, the only things you should ever be flushing down your toilets are waste and toilet paper. But is all toilet paper septic-friendly? Here’s what you need to know about toilet paper and septic tanks.

Bleached vs. Unbleached Toilet Paper

Although it would seem that unbleached toilet paper would always be the best choice, the opposite is actually true. You may see unbleached toilet paper marketed as “environmentally friendly” on the packaging. However, the unbleached paper takes longer to break down in your septic tank. While bleached toilet paper is the best choice for septic tanks, avoid any other chemically treated paper.

One-Ply, Biodegradable, Quick-Dissolving – Oh my!

Sure, one-ply toilet paper is a bit flimsier than its fluffier counterparts, but it’s the best for your septic tank. The less “ply” or layers”, the quicker the toilet paper will break down in your septic system. Toilet papers labeled “biodegradable”, “quick-dissolving”, or “septic-friendly” are all great choices when it comes to your septic tank.

Avoid “Flushable” Wipes

Over the last several years, “flushable” wipes have taken over the toilet paper aisle. Although these products seem more hygienic and convenient, they are NOT safe for your septic tank. Even wipes that claim to be “flushable” will not dissolve in your septic tank. Instead, they will build up in your tank and could lead to all sorts of septic disasters.

Is recycled toilet paper safe for septic tanks?

There’s no evidence to show that recycled toilet paper is harmful to septic tanks. Therefore, as long as the recycled toilet paper you’re buying is one-ply, it’s safe to use.

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