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The Importance Of Septic Tank Checks When Buying A New House

Utilizing a septic system for your household’s wastewater is an affordable, environmentally friendly way to go. However, if you purchase a property with a damaged septic tank, an outdated system, or any other kind of septic issues – you could be in for quite a bit of frustration and bills. Don’t take anyone’s word for it when buying a property with a septic system. Instead, be sure to have a thorough septic inspection done by a professional company.

Septic System Inspection vs. Home Inspection

While a home inspection is separate from a septic inspection, it’s helpful to time the two back-to-back. If there are any issues with the home itself, it could potentially affect your septic system and vice versa. Besides these two inspections, also consider getting a thorough plumbing inspection. Your home’s plumbing system and septic system are intertwined, and problems with either can affect the other. While knowledgeable on several home-related subjects, most home inspectors are not specifically trained for septic systems. They could potentially miss a significant issue with your septic tank.

Consider Upgrading Your Septic Tank

During your septic tank check, your inspector may recommend upgrading your tank. Septic tanks are built to last over a decade. However, if your household size is bigger than the last occupants, it may not be big enough. Using a tank that is too small for the number of people living in the home can lead to all sorts of issues, the main one being an overfilled tank. If your tank is too small, but you can’t afford to replace it right away, you’ll need to get it pumped more often until you do.

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