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Why You Should Avoid Septic Additives

Why You Should Avoid Septic Additives

You can find septic additives in almost every store. They all claim to do great things for your septic system. However, how do you know if they’re safe for your septic system? Are they even necessary? Here are just a few reasons why most septic system owners don’t use them.

What are septic additives?

Septic additives are organic and inorganic compounds marketed to septic tank owners for the purpose of helping to break down waste. Most additive companies claim to help keep your septic system working efficiently and cut down on the risk of costly septic problems. Some even claim to unclog septic pipes. While this may be somewhat true, they are usually more trouble than they’re worth.

Unclear Regulations

Unfortunately, septic additives are severely lacking in federal regulations and standardized testing. This basically means that an additive company can make any claim they want without any solid evidence to back it up. Independent studies and testing don’t show many advantages of using septic additives. In fact, most professional septic companies will tell you that additives cause problems rather than solve them. Backing that consensus, the United States Environmental Protection Agency concluded that biological septic additives do not appear to improve overall septic performance.

Damage to the Bacteria Balance

There is a world of bacteria living in your septic tank, working 24/7 to break down the waste that enters it. Your septic system wouldn’t work without this collection of bacteria. When you put septic additives into your tank, you may upset the balance of bacteria and make it more difficult for waste to be broken down. If the septic additives kill off bacteria, you could end up with costly problems and even backups.

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