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The Features Of Different Kinds Of Septic Systems

It may surprise you to learn that several different kinds of septic systems exist. Each system is similar, but shares different features.

The Septic Tank

One feature that almost all septic systems share is the septic tank. A septic tank is a watertight tank that is buried underground. It is designed and constructed to receive and treat wastewater. The heavy solids settle to the bottom in a septic tank while the lighter solids and substances float to the top. The wastewater travels to the drain field while the solids remain in the tank until pumped out.

Conventional Septic System With Gravel Drain Fields

A conventional septic system consists of a septic tank and a drain field. These types of septic systems are typically found at single-family homes and small businesses. Usually, a gravel or stone drain field is implemented, which is a design that has been used for decades. In this type of system, effluent travels from the septic tank to a shallow underground trench made of stones or gravel. Material is placed on top, so sand or dirt can’t penetrate it.

Chamber System

A chamber septic system is a conventional system that uses a gravel-less drain field. This type of system is typically used in homes that may have long periods of minimal use, like vacation homes or seasonal inns. It has a series of connected chambers with an area above them that is filled with soil. Pipes carry the wastewater from the septic tank to each of the chambers. Microbes in the soil then treat the effluent.

Drip Distribution System

This type of septic system can be used with many different types of drain fields. No large amounts of soil are needed for this system. Instead, drip laterals are inserted into the top layer of soil. However, a drip distribution system requires a large dose tank and a septic tank. This kind of system also requires electricity and more maintenance than the other types of systems.

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