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Septic Companies Vs. Plumbers

Although their work may sometimes overlap, septic companies and plumbers have a different set of skills. If you have a septic system on your property, you will probably require the services of both at some point. Read on to learn more.

Slow drains: Septic Company or Plumber?

If you have one tub or sink that is slow to drain or clogged, you most likely need a plumber. However, if there are multiple slow drains or clogs, you may have a septic problem that requires a trained professional. When multiple sinks are slow to drain in the home, this points to a full or overflowing septic tank. A plumber won’t be able to help at all in this situation, so you’ll need to call a septic company

Toilet Backups: Septic Company or Plumber?

This situation is another one that can be hard to figure out which professional you may need. If your toilets suddenly don’t flush or start to back up, your first instinct may be to call the plumber. However, if you have a septic system on your property, it could be a sign of a septic clog or an overfilled tank. Call a septic company first to rule out a septic system problem before calling in a plumber.

Check with a Septic Company First

Anytime there is an issue with slow or clogged drains, malfunctioning toilets, or strange noises or sounds coming from your pipes, you should call a septic company first. It’s best to rule out all possible septic issues before bringing in a plumber. Septic technicians are also trained to know when they’re out of their scope, so if it’s a plumbing problem, they’ll let you know.

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