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How To Identify A Leak In Your Septic System

How To Identify A Leak In Your Septic System

Leaks in your septic system are a big problem and should never be ignored. Knowing how to spot the warning signs of a leak and what to do when you find one is essential for any septic tank owner. Read on to learn how to identify a leak in your septic system.

The Role of a Septic Inspection

Because a non-specialist cannot spot not all leaks, it’s crucial to have regular septic inspections. A septic professional has access to specialty tools and equipment to identify leaks that aren’t visually noticeable. They can even use cameras to snake into pipelines to catch leaks that may be happening further down the system. Catching leaks in their early stages can prevent severe and expensive damage in the long run.

Foul Odors

A foul, rotten egg-like odor is a clear indication that you have a septic leak or problem. If you spot septic backup in the home, call the professionals immediately. Septic backups can be toxic and dangerous, and you should never address them yourself. Instead, contact a professional septic tank company as soon as you notice a foul odor and can’t identify its source. Let them know you suspect a leak and tell them any details that may be relevant.

Keep an Eye on Your Drain field

Everything in your septic tank ends up in your drain field. Septic tank leaks are hard to spot right away. However, if you notice a change in your drain field like saggy spots, puddles of standing water, or lush green areas that weren’t there before – you may have a leak. Again, leaks should be addressed by professionals, so call your septic company right away.

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