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Septic Repairs – What To Expect

Septic Repairs – What To Expect

Septic systems are a fantastic sewage solution for many homeowners and, if you live in a more rural area or an older neighborhood, they may be the only solution. These systems are designed to operate for several decades with minimal maintenance, providing owners with an exceptionally low-cost sewage solution. That said, low maintenance is not no maintenance. Homeowners should expect to hire out for septic repairs and cleaning several times during the lifespan of their unit.

The Different Septic Repair Processes

The biggest type of septic repairs the homeowner can expect happens with septic pumping. Septic pumping is the process by which an experienced septic pumping company removes the broken-down sludge from the tank via a vacuum truck. This should be done every three to five years and works to prevent an overburdened system.

During this septic pump out, an experienced plumbing and septic company will also go over your septic system to look for any preventative septic repairs they can do, such as check piping and the filtration system. Performing these preventative septic repairs at the same time as a septic pumping will further help reduce long-term costs associated with the septic system overall.

If you need septic repair between pump-outs, it’s still very likely that your septic team will still advise for a pump out. That’s because doing so will allow the team to see the condition of the tank and piping – two of the largest sources of septic problems.

The next most common issue with septic systems is electric issues. While there are some septic systems that are designed to operate fully on gravity pull (everything flows downward), most utilize a septic tank pump that requires electricity. This pump is what pumps wastewater out of the tank to prevent overburdening the system. Thus, if your issue is an electrical one, then the septic repairs you need may be done all above ground without the need for a large pump truck.

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