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How Your Water Composition Can Affect Your Septic System

Having a septic system can be both a blessing or a curse. The trick is how you maintain it. With proper care, a septic system can be an excellent way to save on bills. Unfortunately, improper maintenance can also rack up bills quickly, and damages can leave you without working plumbing systems. 

One overlooked aspect of proper care is water composition. While often taken for granted, your water can significantly affect the longevity and effectiveness of your septic tank.

The Basics

Septic tanks work by taking the wastewater through your plumbing and depositing it into the tank. The tank relies on bacteria and a living ecosystem to break down waste and filter it out of the water before draining it back into the ground. The system itself is autonomous, but it does require proper care to function.

The minerals

Whether you are on city water or well water, the composition of your water can vary greatly. Even with similar systems, your location can also significantly affect how your septic tank works. Water has different properties and minerals, and these variations can affect how the bacteria in your system works. For instance – city water has some chlorine in it, and while it may be on the safer side to drink, the wastewater could be harmful to the bacteria colony in your system.

These conditions can also affect the water’s ability to break down the solids in your system naturally. While it doesn’t sound like much, your septic tank is a sensitive system. Delaying the time it takes to break down can cause harmful damage and backups to your septic system.

The reality

Even with a properly maintained septic system, you still need to regularly check the water in your home to make sure not to jeopardize the system’s long-term health. Make sure to reach out to a professional if you aren’t sure. It is always better to get ahead of any potential issues before it gets too late, as waiting can lead to much more costly repair bills.

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