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How Too Much Hair Can Affect Your Septic Tank

How Too Much Hair Can Affect Your Septic Tank

Many people don’t realize how many ways hair can end up in your septic tank. Whether it’s shaving in the shower (or over the sink!), washing your hair, cleaning a brush, or even petting your dog or cat, all these things have one thing in common….they produce hair that can end up in your septic tank.

But It’s Normal

While some of those things are unavoidable or even natural habits, they can wreak havoc on your septic tank. Let’s consider your shower. Most of us have glanced down the drain only to find a giant glob of hair in or around it. That hair gets washed down the pipes and begins to clump up in the drains and in the septic tank inlet itself. This hair clump can cause slow drains, clogs, or even eliminate the balance in the tank itself.

The Clumps

As the hair begins to clump in the system, it can act as a net that will inevitably start to trap other solids that get washed down the drain. These solids will bond with the clumps of hair and cause a worse situation for your septic tank.

The Environment

Along with solid materials, the clumps of hair can begin to trap other organic compounds that can start to throw off the balance of your septic tank. The bacteria can properly handle the average usage of toothpaste, cleaners, or other substances.  When a hair blockage occurs, these things can get trapped and released in larger quantities that the bacteria cannot handle.

While this doesn’t sound like much, the whole septic system is predicated on bacteria to break down the solids that enter the tank. If these bacteria colonies are not growing correctly, your tank can get backed up quickly and lead to significant repairs. 

While not something considered regularly, hair can end up being a major detriment to your septic system in many ways. Be sure to have a professional company clean out your system regularly to avoid any issues.

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