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Is It Time To Upgrade The Size Of Your Septic Tank

Is It Time To Upgrade The Size Of Your Septic Tank

If you have a septic system on your property, then you probably know that septic tanks are designed to last for many years. If you take care of your system with regular pumping and maintenance, a septic tank can work properly for decades. However, there are other factors besides age that go into needing an upgrade. Here is how to know if it is time to upgrade the size of your septic tank.

What is the size of your home?

The biggest factor when deciding if you have the proper size septic tank is the size of your home. Consider your square footage. The more square footage, the bigger tank you’ll need. For example, a smaller house under 1,500 square feet typically does well with a tank with a 750-1000 gallon capacity. A larger house with a square footage of around 2,500 will likely need a tank with 1,250 or more gallon capacity.

How many bedrooms are in your home?

Most states and counties use the number of bedrooms in a home to determine what size tanks are required in their regulations. This is because the number of bedrooms is a good gauge of how many people will be using the fixtures that drain into the tank. More bedrooms mean more people, which means more wastewater entering your tank.

Ask the Experts.

The best way to determine if you have the proper size septic tank for your home is to consult the advice of the experts. Even if your tank is a sufficient size, there may be other factors that point to a necessary upgrade. A septic tank company can inspect your tank and determine if it is up to standard, or upgrades are necessary. If your tank is too small for your current home, it is only a matter of time before you run into some serious issues.

Affordable Pumping Services is here for all your septic system needs. We can even help you determine if it is time for a bigger tank. Give us a call today!

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