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The Types Of Soil, Lawn Treatment, And Mulch You Should Never Use Near A Septic Tank

The Types Of Soil, Lawn Treatment, And Mulch You Should Never Use Near A Septic Tank

If you have a septic system on your property, you are probably aware that you must use caution when landscaping. You can still have grass, plants, and flowers near your tank – but you must be careful about which materials you use. Read on to learn the types of soil, lawn treatment, and mulch you should never use near a septic tank.


Septic systems work by allowing cleaned wastewater to cycle through to the surrounding ground. For that reason, sandy, well-drained soil is best. If your soil is too coarse, wastewater will pass through it too quickly and will not be sufficiently treated. You also want to avoid soils with a high clay content. Clay can swell, forming blockages that will slow down the wastewater’s path. If the wastewater becomes completely blocked, you could be in for a major septic disaster.

Lawn Treatment

Grass is a good thing for your drain field and will help prevent soil erosion and help the flow of effluent filtering through your system. However, most lawn treatment sprays are made with a combination of chemicals, which could be harmful to your septic system. You want to avoid any sort of sprays or fertilization within 15 feet of your septic tank.


You can certainly still use mulch around a septic system. However, you do need to use caution when placing it. As a rule, do not mulch directly over the drain field. Mulch can inhibit your septic system’s oxygen flow and slow down the filtration of the effluent. Insufficient oxygen messes with bacteria balance and can inhibit its ability to break down solid waste. This can lead to sewage backups.

If you are unsure about the landscaping surrounding your septic system, our experts are happy to help. Affordable Pumping Services is here for all your septic needs. Call today!

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