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What New Septic Tank Owners Should Know

What New Septic Tank Owners Should Know

If you recently purchased a property with a septic system, or recently installed one, you may be overwhelmed with the prospect of maintaining it. Do not worry! If you have a professional septic tank company in mind for maintenance, pumping, and necessary repairs, it will not be as difficult as you may think. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some things new septic tank owners should know.

Careful What You Flush

Septic tanks work by using bacteria to break down solids in the tank. When you flush anything other than toilet paper and human waste, it may not break down properly. Even “flushable” wipes are dangerous for septic systems. And of course, it goes without saying, but we will say it anyway, feminine products should never be flushed! You also must be careful what kind of cleaning products you are using. Everything should be septic tank friendly, so it does not kill or mess with the bacteria.

Call at The First Sign of Problems

Septic system problems should never be ignored. A small leak or clog can quickly turn into a disaster if not addressed immediately. Trained professional septic technicians can spot problems that you may miss. Call your septic company right away if you notice any of these warning signs of a malfunctioning septic system:

  • Gurgling noises from the toilets or pipes
  • Slow draining sinks or tubs
  • Sulfur or rotten egg smell in or outside your house
  • Pooling water around the tank or drain field
  • Lush green grass growing in one area of your yard

If you own a septic tank, make sure you have Affordable Pumping Services saved in your phone! We have 24/7 Emergency Service and provide all the maintenance tasks you need to keep your septic system running properly. Give us a call today!

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