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What Can Cause A Septic System To Fail

What Can Cause A Septic System To Fail

If you own a septic system on your property, it is essential to properly take care of it. Without proper maintenance, many different problems can occur; some extremely costly to fix. Here is what can cause a septic system to fail, and how to prevent that from happening.


Since septic tanks are underground and essentially out of sight, it can be easy to ignore it if it seems to be working efficiently. However, even if your toilets are flushing ok, and your sinks are draining normally, there could be problems brewing under the surface. You should have professional septic inspections at least every two years, depending on the size of your system. You also should be having it pumped around the same time. You may need more frequent pumping if you are spending more time at home than usual.

Lack of an Effluent Filter

If your septic tank does not have an effluent filter, you could eventually experience problems. An effluent filter is a cylinder-shaped device placed on the outlet baffle of your septic tank. The filter assists in the removal of solids from the wastewater before it makes its way into a drain field. An effluent filter minimizes your risk for blockages and failures in the system. Older systems may not have one. These filters are inexpensive and easy for a professional to install, so there is no reason not to have one in your septic system.

Physical Damage

Driving, digging, paving, or building on or around your septic tank site or drain field could cause major damage to your system. Not only is this dangerous for the tank itself, but for its components like pipes and covers. Make sure you keep your landscaping minimal around your tank and drain field. Tree roots are especially dangerous, so do not plant any nearby your tank.

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