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The Environmental Responsibility Of A Septic System Owner

The Environmental Responsibility Of A Septic System Owner

A neglected septic system can wreak havoc on the local environment. As a homeowner with a septic system on your property, there are specific responsibilities that you should be aware of. Besides following all the necessary rules and regulations for your county, any neglect or issues of your system could possibly harm the wildlife near you and even your neighbors. So here is a breakdown of the environmental responsibility of a septic system owner.

Protect the Water

When a septic system fails, wastewater is released into the surrounding ground and contaminate nearby wells, groundwater, and even drinking water sources. The bacteria in septic wastewater can be highly toxic to public health, causing communicable diseases through either body contact or digestion. To avoid septic system failure, have your tank maintained and pumped regularly by a reputable company – and call at the first sign of a problem.

Protect the Watershed

An area of land that water flows across toward streams, rivers or lakes is called a watershed. Your home is most likely on a watershed, so to protect it, you must maintain your septic system properly. A failing septic tank can release untreated wastewater into the watershed. The wastewater contains nitrates and phosphates that can cause irreparable damage to lakes, streams and shorelines.

Have Your Septic System Cleaned and Pumped Regularly

To uphold your environmental responsibility as a septic system owner, take good care of your system. That means having it pumped and cleaned regularly by a professional septic company. If you notice any signs of problems like strange gurgling noises from your toilets, slow water drainage or foul smells, call your septic company right away. The sooner a small problem is corrected, the less likely it is to cause damage to the nearby environment.

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