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How A Faulty Septic Tank Can Bring A Business To A Halt

How A Faulty Septic Tank Can Bring A Business To A Halt

Septic systems can be a very efficient way for waste management in your business, if taken care of properly. Neglect can lead to a faulty tank, and that can be disastrous. Here’s how a faulty septic tank can bring a business to a halt, and how to avoid that.

Customers and Employees Flushing Items That Can Damage Your Septic System

When things like baby wipes, sanitary products, or anything other than toilet paper and waste is flushed down your toilets, your septic tank suffers. Your septic tank is not built to break down anything other than human waste, tissue and toilet paper. Anything other than that will remain solid in the tank or mess with the delicate bacteria balance. This can lead to sewage backups and leaks which spell danger for your business. A sewage backup means your entire business will have to be temporarily shut down while professionals come in to repair your system and clean and sanitize your facility. This can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost profits and repair costs. To prevent this, have friendly reminder signs in your restrooms, along with trashcans inside each stall.

Grease and Oils Down the Drain

Another recipe for disaster for septic tanks is grease, oil and fats being poured down the drain. This can slowly cause backups and clogs in the pipes leading to your septic tank. These materials can’t be broken down in your tank and can mess negatively impact the bacteria balance. Make sure all your employees are trained on the proper disposal of such items.


Your septic tank system should be properly maintained and pumped by a professional company. The frequency of pumping depends on many factors, so be sure to ask your septic company for a recommended schedule. A neglected system can lead to all sorts of expensive and inconvenient problems, so make your septic maintenance a top priority.

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