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Is Your Septic Tank Ready For Colder Weather?

The winter can wreak havoc on lots of different components of your home and property. It is why we spend the fall months preparing for colder weather. It is no different with your septic system. Putting a little effort into preparing your septic tank for the winter can prevent so many possible costly and frustrating problems. Here is how to get your septic tank ready for colder weather.

Prevent Freezing

The key to freezing prevention is insulation. By insulating your pipes and drain field, you can ready them for the incoming freezing temperatures. Let your grass grow an extra six inches or so over the entire system, including the drain field. Consider a layer of straw, leaves or hay 8-12 inches deep over the system.

Check for Dripping

Leaking faucets, even a tiny drip, trickles water into your septic system. This dripping can cause ice to build up, which could eventually freeze pipes or other septic system components. Fix all leaking faucets and energize your system with regular doses of hot water during the winter. Run a laundry load in the washing machine with warm or hot water during the middle of the day. Take hot baths. Use your dishwasher on the hot water setting. You do not want to overload the system but increasing your normal water temperature in the winter will help prevent freezing.

Keep Off The Drain Field

We know a fresh field of snow is a tempting place for kids and animals to play. But everyone should stay off the surrounding ground of your septic system in the winter. Compacted snow does not provide much insulation to your system, and it is better to leave it be.

If your septic system does freeze, you need to call in the professionals right away. Affordable Pumping Services is here for you, even in the cold of winter. We even offer 24/7 Emergency Service. Give us a call today!

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