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Important Information Revealed By A Septic Tank Inspection

Important Information Revealed By A Septic Tank Inspection

There are several reasons why you may need a septic tank inspection. Maybe you are selling or buying a property. Perhaps you are planning on a home remodel or building an addition on your home. Or maybe you are just a responsible homeowner wanting to keep your septic system in great shape. Whatever your reasons may be, there is plenty of important information revealed by a septic tank inspection.

Visual Inspection

The first part of a septic inspection is the visual portion. The inspector will visually assess all the parts of your septic system. Your tank will be pumped out, so any possible problems will be clearly visible. Your septic tech will use tools like mirrors and cameras to look inside the tank and filtration system. They will also activate high-water alarms and pumps to test their capabilities. This is when things like clogs, leaks or deterioration are found. Most of the time the source of the problems can be spotted in this stage as well.

Drain Field Inspection

Once the visual portion of the inspection is complete, the technician will inspect your drain field. During a drain field inspection, holes will be dug in the ground surrounding your septic tank. Digging holes helps show the inspector whether there is standing water in your drain field. Standing water is a sign of septic tank problems. This can be especially helpful to prevent small issues from becoming dangerous, costly problems.

Analyze Tank Size and System Needed Household

During a septic inspection, the technician will assess your current tank and recommend any upgrades or changes to meet your current household needs. Oftentimes problems occur because the tank is not big enough to service the number of people or usage in the home.

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