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New Septic Tank Installation Process

New Septic Tank Installation Process

Are you thinking of having a septic tank system installed on your property? Or maybe you already have one and are curious about the process. Whatever the reasons, here’s a closer look at the installation process for a new septic tank.

Evaluate the Space

Before any work begins on your new septic tank, the land it’ll be placed in will have to be evaluated by septic professionals. A site evaluator will inspect the soil to make sure it’s compatible with a septic system. Samples of the ground will be taken and tested for consistency and drainage. At this time the location for the drain field will be chosen.

System Design

Once the area has been approved, an engineer will design your septic system and choose a septic tank based on your specific needs. The engineer will make sure all local and state laws are met with your individual design. Once the plan has been approved by the proper authorities, your septic system will be ready to be installed.

Septic Tank Installation

Once the permits needed are secured, a professional septic system company will begin the installation. A large hole will be dug where the tank will be placed using a large excavator. The tank will be placed. Trenches will also be created underground for access to your drain field. Once your tank has been placed and secured, it will be filled with water and covered up with soil. Everything will need to be inspected and tested by a professional before use. Once your system has passed inspection, it’s ready for use!

Have Your New Septic Tank Pumped Regularly

Once you’ve had your new septic tank installed, it’s important to get on a regular pumping schedule. Pumping is essential to ensure your system works properly and efficiently.

Considering a new septic tank system or need service for your existing one? Contact the experts at Affordable Pumping Services today!

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