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Why Your Septic System May Be Filling Too Quickly

Septic system issues are incredibly inconvenient and can potentially be expensive to fix. A common problem that can lead to costly repairs is your septic tank filling too quickly. Let’s take a closer look at why your septic system may be filling too quickly, and how to prevent this from happening again.

Water Flow from Other Places

Water from your lawn can overflow into your septic tank. To prevent this, check your property after every significant rainfall and make sure gutters and drainpipes are pointed away from your drain field. Watch the direction of water flow during storms and make corrections if necessary.

Leaks in Your Tank

Although it doesn’t seem to make sense, a leak in your septic tank can actually let access water into your tank. If you’ve recently had landscaping or construction on your property and you’re experiencing overflow, there’s a chance your septic system was damaged. An excellent way to prevent leaks to your system is to have it inspected regularly by a professional.

Up to Capacity

The most common reason for your septic system filling too quickly is that your tank is taking on more than it can handle. It’s important to remember that all of your home’s water ends up in your septic system. If you’re using more than 50 gallons of water a day per person, you’ve probably overfilled your system. Talk to a professional septic tank company, like Affordable Pumping Services, about possible upgrades you may need. When it comes to septic tanks, it isn’t about the size of the house, but the size of the family. If you have a large family or have frequent visitors or overnight guests, it may be time for a new septic system.

Get Your Tank Pumped Regularly

Remember to get your septic tank pumped regularly to avoid disastrous septic problems. Call Affordable Pumping Services to get on a schedule today!

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