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What Is Blue Green Algae And How You Can Prevent It

What Is Blue Green Algae And How You Can Prevent It

Blue green algae is the most diverse group of algae on the planet, containing over 7,000 species. Although in small amounts, blue green algae is harmless, more significant amounts can cause all kinds of health issues for humans like skin irritation, flu-like symptoms, and even more severe conditions. Green algae is also toxic to pets, and could even be deadly. Scientists have recently discovered that septic systems may be responsible for the increase of green algae blooms in waterways across the country. Here is a closer look at the role of septic tanks in the growth of green algae and how you can prevent it in yours.

Leaky Septic Tanks

Although septic tank leaks don’t start blue green algae blooms, they are responsible for contributing to their growth. The waste from a septic tank acts as fuel for algae, making blooms multiply and flourish more robustly.

Inspections are Necessary

Putting off a septic tank inspection is the number one way to miss a leak in your system. Septic leaks are not only dangerous and expensive to repair, but they could also be contributing to the danger of blue green algae in your local waterways. Leaks aren’t always noticeable, especially in the beginning stages, but established leaks will give off the following signs:

  • Sewage Backups in the Home
  • Slow Draining Bathtubs, showers and sinks
  • Gurgling Sounds Coming from Plumbing
  • Standing Water Near Septic Tank or Drainfield
  • Strong Foul Odors in Septic Tank Area
  • Bright Green Grass Near Septic Tank

Call Affordable Pumping at the First Sign of a Leak

To prevent your septic tank from contributing to the blue green algae problem in your area, you must call a reputable septic tank company at the first sign of a leak. To prevent a leak from happening in the first place, have your tank pumped regularly and schedule an inspection every year. The experts at Affordable Pumping can help you with both. Call for an appointment today!

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