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The Role Of Each Part Of The Septic System

The Role Of Each Part Of The Septic System

A typical septic tank system has four main parts. Each of these parts are essential in the proper function of the entire system. Read on for a better understanding of the role of each part of your septic system.

The Pipe From Your Home to the Tank

The first main part of your septic system is the pipe that travels from your home to the tank. All of the wastewater from your home enters this pipe and is carried to your septic tank. This pipe must stay in good shape, so it will be inspected as part of a complete septic system inspection.

The Septic Tank

Your septic tank is the main player in your septic system. It is a large container usually made from concrete or fiberglass and is buried underground in your yard. The purpose of the septic tank is to hold all the wastewater that is flushed from your home. Bacteria present in the tank break down the solid waste while compartments in the tank prevent sludge and scum from seeping into the ground.


The drain field of your septic system usually consists of perforated pipes located in trenches surrounded by gravel, which is then covered by dirt. At ground level, a drain field just looks like a grassy opening on your property. The remains of the wastewater that enters the drain field is partially absorbed by the soil and also partially evaporated. This area of your yard should not be driven on or covered by pavement or structures of any kind.


It may not seem like it, but the soil surrounding your tank plays a vital role in your septic system. When wastewater from your septic tank flows to the surrounding area and drain field, it is absorbed into the soil, which helps it to remove harmful bacteria. You must have the proper kind of soil on your property to support a septic system.

Remember to have your septic system pumped regularly to ensure all the components are working correctly. Call Affordable Pumping Services today for all your septic system needs.

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