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Could State Inspections Of Residential Septic Tanks Be Required?

Could State Inspections Of Residential Septic Tanks Be Required?

Because of concerns of leaking wastewater into nearby water systems, many states are considering mandatory residential septic tank inspections.

Environmental Concerns

Septic tanks store wastewater in a large underground tank. When the tank isn’t pumped regularly or adequately maintained, raw sewage can leak into nearby groundwater as well as neighboring bodies of water. If leaking happens on a mass scale, it can be hazardous not only for the people living in the surrounding areas but for all wildlife. In Florida, out of 2-3 million septic tanks, 10% are regularly leaking harmful particles into the local groundwater. This is also a safe estimate for most states.

Concerns About Mandatory Inspections

Homeowners and local officials of every state worry that mandatory inspections could end up being extremely expensive. In Florida, where a bill to make mandatory inspections law is in the process, an inspection would be required every five years. Most septic system experts recommend those home systems should be inspected once a year, so if you’re taking care of your septic system, mandatory inspections shouldn’t be an issue.

What a Septic Inspection Involves

When your septic tank system is inspected by a professional, they will look for the following things:

  • The date that the tank was last pumped
  • Make sure the sludge level does not occupy more than 1/3 of the tank
  • Distance to local streams and wells
  • Ensure the tank is large enough for the home it’s servicing
  • Check for leaking waste
  • Check the drain lines
  • Check that the baffles are secure

Even if your state does not require mandatory inspections, it’s imperative that you have your septic tank system inspected once a year. It’s also essential that you get on a regular pumping schedule and call the professionals at Affordable Pumping Services at the first sign of a problem. Septic tanks are an economical and environmentally friendly waste management option when they’re properly maintained.

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