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Are Septic Tank Additives Worth The Cost?

Are Septic Tank Additives Worth The Cost?

If you have a septic system or are thinking about installing one, you may have seen ads for septic additives that promise to save you money and allow you to avoid problems, but are they worth it? There’s never any replacement for regular pumping by professionals, and anything saying otherwise should be approached with caution.

Beware of Anyone Who Tells You Not to Pump Your Septic Tank

Ask any septic tank pumping service professional what they think of additives, and you’ll most likely get an eye roll. It is extremely dangerous to risk avoiding pumping your septic tank every 3-5 years like these additive companies claim you’ll be able to do. If you’re not on a regular pumping schedule, you risk not only your septic system and home from costly permanent damages, but you also run the risk of contaminating the environment with raw sewage. While using additives may be useful along with regular preventative maintenance, although the research on that is slim, NOTHING is a replacement for pumping.

Different Types of Additives

There are three different types of additives on the market: biological, inorganic and organic. The companies that sell all three claim that using any of these will either increase or help the bacteria that already exists in your tank. The truth is they may partially help; they may also decrease the amount of bacteria in your tank, throwing off the whole system. When there isn’t enough bacteria in your septic tank, sludge will form. Unchecked sludge can back up your entire system, causing your toilets and plumbing inside your house to overflow and flood.

Backed by Science

Additive companies will make claims that their products ability to maintain your tank is backed by science, when in reality the opposite is true. Many scientific studies have shown that additives have little to no effect on your septic system.

Trust the professionals, call Affordable Pumping Services to get on a regular pumping schedule.

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