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The History Of Septic Systems

The History Of Septic Systems

Septic tank systems are not exactly a modern invention. In fact, septic systems have been around for over 150 years. Let’s take a look at the history of septic systems.

The French Connection

The first septic tank system was invented in France by a man named John Mouras in 1860. The first prototype featured a concrete tank and clay piping which brought wastewater from Mouras’ home into the tank located in the yard.  When the system showed signs of working, he checked it yearly and was surprised to find that it contained barely any solid particles. After ten years, he felt confident to bring his invention to the United States.

Regulations Began

Once the septic process gained popularity in the US, it quickly became known that without proper handling, septic tanks could cause damage to the surrounding environment, and even be potentially toxic to the people living in the home. Regulations began almost immediately. These regulations have been updated over the years as more research and information has become available. Presently septic tank systems are completely safe for people, animals, and the surrounding environment when proper precautions are in place.

Septic Tank Systems Today

Most septic systems today are made of plastic, fiberglass or concrete and feature components like risers, filters, and alarms, all designed to make septic systems a safe alternative to using your city’s sewage system. Statewide regulations across the country make it almost impossible to purchase a property with an unsafe septic system. The best way to make sure your septic system continues to work efficiently and safely is to have it pumped regularly by a reputable pumping company.

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