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Can You Relocate A Septic System

Can You Relocate A Septic System

There are many reasons you may want to relocate your septic system. Maybe you’re planning an expansion on your home or would like to landscape your yard and plant trees. Whatever the reason may be, relocating your septic system is a very involved process. It is possible to relocate your septic tank system, but it’s essential to do it correctly. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Your Septic System Has Many Components

Moving your septic tank system does not just involve moving the tank. There is also the pipe that runs from your home to the tank, the drain field, and the soil around the tank that removes microbes from the wastewater. Therefore, it’s crucial to contact a company that specializes in relocating septic tank systems. If the whole procedure is not handled correctly, it can result in costly repairs and problems.

Uncovering and Removing the Tank

Before your tank can be removed from the ground, the manhole covers must be detached. The soil over your tank must be removed using an excavator. Once the work moves closer to the tank, workers will use standard shovels to protect the tank from any damage. This is a very labor-intensive process which could make your overall cost very high. Keep this in mind when planning your tank relocation. Once the manhole covers are detached, and the pipes are removed as well, the tank is ready to be removed using a bar and cable system. The tank must be moved very slowly to prevent damage to the tank. It will then be stored in a flatbed truck until the new hole has been dug for its relocation.

Relocation Vs. Replacement

Older tanks can be challenging to move and can even fall apart during the removal process, so many homeowners opt to replace them. Before relocating your tank, have a reputable company assess its condition. Planning ahead will cut down on unexpected costs and problems.

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