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Landscaping Tips For Homeowners With Septic Systems

If you have a septic tank system, landscaping your yard can get a little tricky. Certain kinds of trees can be dangerous for your tank since their roots seek out moisture and can damage the pipes that feed your tank. Let’s go over some tips for landscaping your yard that will keep your septic system safe.

Plants ARE Beneficial for Your Septic System

Yes, you do need to be aware of trees and plants with aggressive root systems, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid plants altogether. In fact, many different plants are beneficial for your septic tank system. Plants can prevent erosion to your tank by sucking up extra moisture in your drain field.

Choose Long Grasses and Perennial Plants

Tall grasses like Kentucky bluegrass or wild ornamental grasses are perfect for your drain field, and even wildflowers can be beneficial. Look for perennial plants that grow well in your region and require the amount of sun you get over your septic tank area. Animals will still go after plants by a septic tank, so be sure to keep that in mind when designing your landscaping.

Avoid Fruit Plants and Trees

Trees and plants that produce fruit are not safe to eat if grown over a septic tank area, the fruit can contain harmful bacteria, so avoid planting these anywhere near your septic tank area. Even if the people in your household know to avoid them, animals won’t, and you don’t want to get your pets or any cute wild animals that visit your yard sick.

If you do have trees in the area of your septic tank system, be sure to ask the experts at Affordable Pumping Services if they’re safe for your yard. And remember to get on a regular pumping schedule if you’re not already. Call Affordable Pumping Services for all your septic tank needs.

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