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Items That Can Damage Your Septic System If Flushed Down The Drain

A septic tank system works well when taken care of. But like anything else, not caring for it properly or neglecting it can lead to some pretty inconvenient and pricey problems down the line. Your septic system was designed to work with the help of natural bacteria that help break down solid waste in your tank. Anything that messes with the growth of this bacteria could throw off your entire septic system. Here are some items that you should never flush down your toilet or drain.

Harsh Chemical Cleaners

Some chemical cleaners kill the bacteria in your septic tank or mess with their cycle. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners in your bathrooms and sink areas, like chemical drain cleaners and liquid bleach, and stick to more naturally made products. Look for bottles that say something like “Safe for Septic Systems” on the label.

Feminine Products of Any Kind

Tampons, even ones that claim to be safe to flush, are not safe to flush. They should be thrown away in the garbage instead. If you frequently have guests over, make sure you mention that

at the only thing that is safe to flush down your toilets is toilet paper. This also means baby wipes and “flushable” wipes.

Cooking Grease

Cooking grease should never be poured down any drain for any reason. It will eventually solidify and clog your pipes, causing dangerous backups and even permanent damage.

Medication or Pills

Never flush any sort of medication, pills or drugs of any kind down the toilet or the drain. Chemicals and ingredients in the pills could not only kill the bacteria in your septic tank, but they could also seep into the ground in your drain field, causing damage to plant life or even seeping into groundwater.

Did someone flush something on the list down your toilet? Or are you having issues with your septic tank? Affordable Pumping Services can help. Call for an appointment, emergency services, or to get on a regular pumping schedule.

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