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Why Some States Have More Septic Systems Than Others

More than one in five households use septic systems. But the number of home septic systems vary from state to state. Why is that? Let’s take a closer look at why some states have more septic systems than others.


Vermont takes the top spot for states with the most septic systems with a whopping 55% of households using them. This is probably partly due to its rich, absorbing soil which makes a perfect foundation for functioning septic systems. The main reason for so many septic systems is the space between houses and the amount of land on each property. The beautiful topography of the New England landscape makes it difficult and expensive to install many community water treatment centers, so most homeowners are on their own as far as waste treatment goes.

Population Density

The more populated an area is, the less likely you will see many septic systems. It makes more sense financially and functionally to have city-wide water facilities to service the community. States like California only see about 10% of its homeowners have septic systems due to the composition of most of its residential areas. Suburban areas of California are densely populated and rely on city water treatment for their waste removal.

Soil Quality

Some parts of the country don’t have the right kind of soil to support septic systems. The integrity of a septic system is built around the ability of the surrounding land to absorb the bacteria in the waste in the septic system and “treat” it while releasing it back into the soil. If this isn’t possible then a septic system isn’t the right choice for that property.

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