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Three Disasters Caused By Poorly Maintained Septic Systems

Three Disasters Caused By Poorly Maintained Septic Systems

Septic systems work great when properly maintained. But a neglected septic system can lead to disasters that are not only inconvenient but potentially dangerous. Here are three disasters caused by poorly maintained septic systems and how to avoid them.

Toilet Backups

Toilet backups are the most common problem caused by an improperly cared for septic system. A backed-up bathroom causes toxic sewage from your septic tank to flow into your bathroom, getting on the floors, walls, and anything near the bathroom area. This is not only disgusting, but it’s also dangerous for your family. If you experience a sewage backup in your bathroom, DO NOT try to clean it yourself! A properly trained sewage cleanup crew will have to dispose of anything contaminated with sewage properly. To avoid toilet backups, only flush toilet paper and have your septic tank pumped regularly.

Septic Tank Backup in Your Lawn

A septic tank that isn’t pumped regularly or adequately maintained can leak. When sewage leaks from your tank, it can overflow into the drain field located in your lawn. This is not only inconvenient and unsanitary, but it can also extremely expensive to clean up and fix. To avoid septic backups in your yard, have your tank inspected once a year, pump it regularly, and call Affordable Pumping at the first sign of any issues.


Part of maintaining your septic tank system is properly maintaining the lid and area surrounding the lid and opening. An improperly secured septic tank lid can be extremely dangerous for people and animals that may fall in or injure themselves while walking by. Be sure your lid is adequately secured and sealed and that the area surrounding it is clear of debris. Never park a vehicle on or near your septic tank, this could displace the lid.

For a properly maintained septic tank system, call Affordable Pumping Services to get on a regular pumping schedule.

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