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The Benefits Of A Septic System

The Benefits Of A Septic System

There is a common misconception that a septic system is a much worse option to manage your sewage than a town’s sewage system. Some home buyers will even turn down a dream home if they find out that they will have to manage a septic tank on their property! However, there are actually many benefits to a septic tank than people may realize.

It Costs Less Than The Town’s Public Sewage System

To effectively manage a septic tank, you should have it pumped every two to three years. This cost is generally cheaper than the fee you will incur every month from the town for access and usage for the public system.

You’re Responsible For The Upkeep, Not The Town

At first glance, this could be seen as a negative feature for a septic tank. However, would you rather be responsible for the way your home’s sewage is managed or rely on the town to do it for you? Also, if an issue does occur, would you rather rely on yourself to find a solution quickly and effectively or rely on the town? The town could fall behind on maintenance or need to “vote” on how quickly an issue is resolved. If you have a septic tank, then you get to decide how it is managed and how quickly any issues are resolved.

They Are More Environmentally Friendly

Septic systems are proven, simple systems that allow you to replenish the water supply and provide clean water to help your grass and other plants grow. In addition, it’s much less likely for raw sewage discharges to occur in a septic system than a public system. Many public systems have pipes that either age poorly or have broken down over time and have yet to be replaced.

Don’t be afraid to purchase a home with a septic system. There are many advantages to it! Just make sure to have a reputable company, like Affordable Pumping Services, maintain it on a regular basis.

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