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How The Winter Affects Your Septic Tank

How The Winter Affects Your Septic Tank

Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on many different parts of your home or property. When it comes to septic tanks, freezing temperatures can be dangerous to certain components of your system. The last thing you want is a septic emergency in the dead of winter. So to avoid a frozen system, read on to learn how the winter affects your septic tank and what you can do to protect it.

Freezing Ground

When the ground surrounding your septic system freezes or significant amounts of snow accumulate, it creates an extra barrier to reach your tank. This means septic tank maintenance or pumping could get tricky if you have to dig through the frozen ground. To work around this, be sure to plan ahead. Get your septic tank cleaned, pumped, and inspected before any snowstorms or extreme drops in temperature. If you live in an area where freezing temperatures are common, consider installing a septic tank riser. Risers make it easy to access your septic tank by providing an above-ground access point.

Frozen Pipes

Pipes freezing is always a possibility during winter weather. Snow, frost, and low temperatures are factors in how your septic pipes could freeze. Frozen septic system components could inhibit the bacteria from breaking down the waste in your tank correctly. This could cause your tank to overfill or back up. To prevent frozen septic tank components, consider insulating your system with a cover. You could even use straw, leaves, or extra dirt over the tank and in the drain field area. A little extra warmth makes a big difference.

Want to make sure your septic system can handle the winter? Call the pros at Affordable Pumping Services. We can get your septic tank pumped and cleaned before conditions worsen. Give us a call today.

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