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The Most Common Septic System Issues

The Most Common Septic System Issues

If you’re a septic tank owner, then you will eventually experience septic system issues. Even with proper maintenance, some minor issues can still happen. Here are some of the most common issues experienced by septic system owners.

Vent Stacks Clogged

Vent stacks are one of the very few parts of your septic system that aren’t underground. As a result, sometimes they can be clogged with debris. Some examples are:

  • Birds, Insects, or other animals constructing nests within the pipes
  • Plant growth within the pipes
  • Snow and ice obstruct gas flow through the pipe.

Filters in Septic Tanks That Have Become Clogged

Filters, which are essentially waste traps — can clog very quickly, especially if they are not cleaned regularly. Make sure your septic tank cleaning company cleans the filters when they clean your system.

Excessive Water

Because your septic tank is designed to hold a limited amount of wastewater, adding more water than it can handle can cause issues. For instance, the solid contents can float out into the drain field rather than being broken down in the tank. This can cause a clog in your drain field, resulting in system issues.

There is Insufficient Water

If you do not use enough water, then it is possible that sediments will not be broken down properly and will instead gather in the tank, and cause it to fill faster than it should. Talk to a professional septic tank company if you aren’t sure if you’re using enough water for your septic system to work properly.

Tree Roots Invasion/Damage

This is a septic system problem that happens frequently, but can easily be prevented. Tree roots can grow into septic lines and cause significant damage. Make sure to think twice about where you are planting trees on your property.

By recognizing the warning signs of a septic problem, and contacting a septic company, you can avert more serious problems such as backups and overflows. Give us a call if you suspect there are any issues!

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