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Five Septic System Tips For Your New Construction Home

Five Septic System Tips For Your New Construction Home

Building a new construction home comes with a lot of decisions. If you’ve decided to include a septic system on your property, there are some considerations to make. Here are five septic system tips for your new construction home.

Consult Septic Tank Professionals

There should never be any guessing involved when it comes to the installation of your new septic system. Make sure you hire a reputable, experienced septic company to assess your septic needs.

Household Numbers vs. House Size

The size of your home is only one factor that goes into determining the size of your septic tank. The most important factors are the number of bathrooms in your home and the number of household members. Your septic system company will be able to determine the perfect sized tank for your new construction home.

Dedicated Space for a Drain Field

A septic system needs a dedicated area of land to act as a drain field. The acreage size of a drain field for a 3-bedroom home is around 450 feet. Your septic installation company will be able to determine the exact size.

Landscaping Caution and Guidance

A brand-new property is a blank slate for landscaping plans but use caution. Landscaping around or near the septic tank and in the drain field area should always be minimal. Trees or invasive shrubbery are dangerous to the underlying septic pipes and components. Make sure you alert any landscaping company you hire where your new septic tank will be located.

Ready for a new septic tank installation for your new construction home? Give Affordable Pumping Services a call! We have decades of experience installing brand new septic systems. Don’t risk missing any of the very important steps above by not consulting with a professional.

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